Hey there! My name is Hannah and I am currently looking for graphic design roles that are remote or in Chicago (I just moved to Lakeview). I graduated from Drake University in May of 2022 with a double major in Graphic Design and Magazine Media, and a Music minor. In my free time, I enjoys doodling, exploring the outdoors, weightlifting, volunteering, painting, and petting dogs. I also love donating proceeds from selling my art to nonprofits & collaborating with communities. My largest initiative was in winter of 2021 when I sold posters of the city of Des Moines. I donated all of the proceeds and made an impact on the community, which meant more to me than profit. I sold 200 posters and donated over $6,800 to Des Moines Refugee Support. In total I have given over $11,000 to my most recent home of Des Moines. Send me a message to start on a project today! 
View my resume here.
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